Workshop & mobile research platform I 2020


A summer school project that rethinks ecological and cultural conservation, and its relation to death and dying. In 21st century, conservation practices will be needed more than ever before however, little public discussion is had about how conservation—from ecology to cultural heritage—is adapting to accommodate for the death that is coming.

Coming Up


Exhibition I 2020


An exhibition project imagining the lesser-known worlds of an industrial waterway through the lens of queer ecology. Newly commissioned digital installations will recast the waterway as a fictionalised social history, a parallel present of post-normal science, and a queering of its possible futures. Part of the wider Dark Conservation project. 



Curator I Workshop & Exhibition I 2019 I Porto Design Biennale


A multi-layered and collaborative week-long workshop co-curated with Gillian Russell that culminated in a group exhibition of fictional museum conservation reports. As part of Fiction as Practice curated by Mariana Pestana, 

the project involved designers and curators undertaking the guise of a fictional Collection Committee. The group worked to acquire a single artefact and then represent it to the public through conservation reports that embody different value systems expressed as a pluriverse of fictional worlds. The term pluriverse has been taken from Mario Blaser and Marisol de la Cadena and can be defined as the existence of many co-existing worlds, against the practice of one world that dominates over all others. The project used the imaginary and fiction as a vehicle to collectively author new stories to provoke into being an environment where there are many truths of equal standing. In this way, the work actively sought to be in opposition to the singular truths that dominate society and that often go unseen and unchallenged.