2022           For Refusal transmediale, symposium, Berlin (28 & 29 January).

                   We Are Climate, Stanley Picker Fellowship 2020-2021, Stanley Picker Gallery & 

                   Kingston University, London, UK.

2021           Toxicity’s Reach, Abandon Normal Devices Festival, Liverpool (14–18 May 2021).

                   For Refusal transmediale, Almanac, Berlin (28 & 29 January).

                   Disturbing Conservation: Caring for an MPA, MAAT, Lisbon, Portugal (October 2020)

2019           The Ethics Committee of Dark Conservation, as part of Fiction Practice, Museu

                   Quinta de Santiago, Matosinhos, Porto Design Biennial (28 September–31 October                       

                    2019); workshop (23–27 September 2019).

2018            Playbour—Work, Pleasure, Survival, curator of exhibition Furtherfield London              

                    (14 July–19 August 2018); workshop Furtherfield commons (25–27 May 2018).

2018            Towards a Moving Island, Public art Circuit at Walk&Talk Festival, Sao Miguel, Azores

                    (5–20 July 2018).  

2017            Digital Dark Ages, at Abandon Normal Devices Biennale, Treak Cliff Cavern (21–24

                    September 2017). 

2014-17       PostHuman Unit for NeuroCapitalism curator with Cecilia Wee. Public performances 

                    and workshops at Gasworks Gallery, London (28 January 2017);  SPACE [ART+TECH],

                    London (12 June 2016); Furtherfield, London (2 November 2015).

2016            Humans Need Not Apply, AI in Asia, day-long exhibition at Digital Asia Hub at Maritime

                    Museum, Hong Kong (23 November 2016).

2016            In the Robot Skies (dir. Liam Young) creative producer for the narrative short                

                    film; screening performance with live music by Forest Swords at BFI I-Max, London

                    (01 October 2016).

2015            Big Bang Data curatorial consultant (Curated by Jose Luis Vicente and Olga Subiros)                    

                    Somerset House, London (03 December 2015-23 March 2016).

2014            Digital Revolution, Beijing, China (15 January–20 May 2018); Istanbul, Turkey (19 

                    Feb–12 June 2016); Athens, Greece (19 Oct 2015–10 Jan 2016); 2014 Stockholm, Sweden                                  (24 Oct 2014–30 Aug 2015); London, UK (03 July–14 Sep 2014).

2013            The Institute Effect, ‘Close, Closer’ – third edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale

                    (Beatrice Galilee, Chief Curator) Portugal (12 September-15 December 2015).

2012            Assistant Curator, Electric Futures Technology Week, (curated Beatrice Galilee), Kings Cross,                             London (13-20 September 2012).

2012            Assistant Curator, Designed in Hackney Day, Dezeen, Beatrice Galilee. (01 Aug 2012).

2011            Earth Not a Globe Parts I & II with David Charlesworth, Rokeby Gallery, London (25                                            June-31 July 2011); Rokeby Gallery, London (27 August–01 October 2011).

                    Assistant Producer, Anti-Design Festival, Redchurch Street, London (18-26 September 2010).

2010>         Longer list of projects available on request.  




Workshop and Lab leader

_“Disturbing Conservation: Reimagining The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” MAAT,     

                     Lisbon, Portugal, (13 Oct 2020).

_“The Dark Conservation Committee, Fiction as Practice” as part of Porto Design Biennial,

                     Porto, Portugal, (25-27 May 2019).

_“Professional Development Lab”—as part of Playbour–Work, Pleasure, Survival at Furtherfield,

                     London, (25-27 May 2018).

_“Creative Campaigns: Marketing in the Age of Capitalism” SPACE [ART+TECH] and

                      AntiUniversity, London, UK, (23 November 2016).

_“Ground Truth: The Migration Machine” workshop at Furtherfield, London, UK, (02

                      November 2015).

_“Black Book Interview Project”, Seventeen Gallery, London, (20 September 2012).

Longer CV available on request.