Critical Campaigns: Marketing in the Age of NeuroCapitalism

| Curator | Workshop | 2016 | SPACE [Art+Tech] as part of AntiUniversity, London |

A day-long workshop examined and appropriated some techniques used by the burgeoning “neuro-marketing” industry. The workshop started from the premise that the citizen is more than a consumer. Across the day a group experimented with neuroscientific emotion recognition technologies in the form of EEG headsets and galvanic skin response via demonstrations and performances and decoded “effective” adverts and artworks. They then gathered data about their responses and discussed how aesthetic characteristics, from colour to sound and frame rates, effects our response to the media we experience. Using this shared learning, the group constructed creative materials to support messages of resistance in the form of neuromarketing campaigns for the citizen, not the consumer.  

Post-Human Unit for Neuro Capitalist (PHUNC) are a network of curators, educators, researchers, writers, artists, designers, resisters, agitators, activists.  PHUNC proposes to co-create new imaginaries and alternative systems through interventional acts of 'radical sensing'.


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