Sunlight Doesn't Need a Pipeline 


An exploration into decarbonisation and Just Transition in the arts. The co-creation and commissioning project brings together a coalition of art workers, dream weavers, makars, and caregivers to create a decarbonisation plan for art workers.

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Toxicity's Reach


A commissioning and research project inquiring into the entangled relations between pollution and colonialism.

1. Toxicity's Reach, Abandon Normal Devices Festival 2020

Disturbing Conservation 


Through workshops, labs and museology, this project was designed to question critically and creatively what role creative institutions might play in ecological conservation initiatives?  

1. Remapping the Avencas MPA, MAAT Museum, Lisbon, Portugal

2. Reimagining the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, MAAT, Lisbon 

3. The Ethics Committee of Dark Conservation, Porto Design Biennale 

4. Assembling a Moving Island, Walk&Talk Azores 



An art and research platform dedicated to the study of the worker as they are asked to draw on internal resources and self-made networks to develop new avenues of work, pleasure, survival. Its projects brought together artists, designers, activists, academics, and local groups to think about the contours of work and play in an age of data and automation.

1. Playbour: Work, Pleasure, Survival, Furtherfield 

2. Co-Creation Playbour Lab 

3. Posthuman Unit for Neurocapitalism

4. Ground Truth

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