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I am Dani Admiss, an Iranian-English independent curator, researcher and educator. I grew up in Dubai in the 1980's and now I live in Edinburgh.

My work explores how ideas of science, technology and capitalism show up in our lived experience and our communities. I'm interested in how I can use my role as a curator to invite people to have a stake in defining, steering and articulating stories about the earth and all its inhabitants.

My work is slow and made-with-others. Using co-creation, participation and community-driven research, I build public projects, investigations and networks that bring together everyday communities and in-world experts to dream and demand robust, collective futures against precarity. The result often looks like collective resource-building, decision-making, and story telling.

I have curated exhibitions, conferences, workshops, edited books, in the UK, the EU and internationally. 

Currently, I am a Stanley Picker Fellow at Stanley Picker Gallery and Kingston University, London, UK (2020-2022). My project, Sunlight Doesn’t Need a Pipeline, explores decarbonisation and Just Transition in the arts. With various artists, researchers, activists and local communities, we are creating a decarbonisation plan for art workers. 

I am also currently developing the next phase of Toxicity’s Reach, a research and commissioning project that looks at how pollution and colonialism are entangled. You can see the first edition here:

I wrote my PhD in Curatorial Practice and World-Making and I am a visiting tutor in Design Research at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. 

If you would like to talk more please get in touch I would love to hear from you. You can reach me at dani [at] daniadmiss [dot] com.

People I have worked with include: